Our Story

Once connecting Detroit to Yellowstone National Park, US Highway 16 was established in 1926 and spanned 1,600 miles of hard-packed dirt. Though sections through Minnesota were paved by 1940 and included many scenic stops, the towns that grew along the highway fostered hard-working families committed to community. Highway 16 was retired in Minnesota upon the completion of Interstate 90 but much of the original route remains as a network of county roads through southern Minnesota.

The handcrafted beers we make at Take 16 Brewing Company are exemplary of and a tribute to the rich history we share with other communities along old Highway 16. In fact, we are not only named in honor of the route, our brewery is located on the old highway in downtown Luverne.

Other communities along the old byway, those in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota and Wyoming, share Highway 16 heritage. Whether you are in LaCrosse, Blue Earth or Sioux Falls, you share in this heritage. Join us in raising a cold bottle of Luverne Lager, toasting history and the motorists who bumped along the original, dusty highway seeking adventure.


Our Brewer


Luke Rensink

Luke is a beer savant. He started brewing while in college and his beers were so popular, he soon founded Heist Brewing. Luke is keenly in tune with the tastes beer fans love!

Committed to producing high quality beer, using local ingredients whenever possible.